Why Dogs Are Better Than Cats – What Are The Reasons?

Dogs and cats are each special animals in their own ways.

However, dogs are every inch better than cats are, and that isn't putting cats down at all to those who love cats. It's just stating facts here. Why are dogs better than cats? What are the reasons? Please read on to learn more. You will be glad you did.

There are dog people and there are cat people...

The society that we live in today is divided equally into two parts. What are these parts? They are no other than that of devout and loving dog lovers and devout and loving cat lovers.


Dogs and cats are very different from each other as a rule. However, despite the differences, both dogs and cats respectively are still unique creatures in their own right.
It is a truth that cannot be avoided.

Dog lovers just love dogs more because they do and the same goes for those who are catted people in the description. Both types of pets do have their own set of pros and cons. Nonetheless, despite this fact, dogs are simply better than cats and why will be highlighted here for all to get to know. Simple as that.

Dogs are far better companions than cats are:

Dogs are every inch man's best friend. The famous phrase was coined for a reason and that reason is the reality of what dogs are in essence to humans. Dogs have been pets for well over a thousand years now.

They have also been the most faithful of all friends and sidekicks to man for the very same length of time as well.

Remember this, and remember it well, they wouldn't be called man's best friend just because. They are called man's best friends because they are. It's a truth that is undeniable and always will be that truth.

Dogs are far more obedient than cats are:

Dogs do have a natural capacity for wanting to learn new and fun things for themselves. Cats can be a bit on the reluctant side when it comes to teaching them to do tricks. Dogs, on the other hand, do seem to take to training as a duck does to water.

They just love to learn tricks that will keep them interested and entertained as well. Therefore, when it does come to being obedient, dogs do seem to want to be this and then some.

Why dogs are better than cats is just because they are. Dogs are ahead in line when it comes to wanting to obey when you train them to do new tricks.

These love to learn new tricks such as being told to lie down, sit, stand up, and beg for a treat in some cute way that only dogs know how to do when they are motivated to get a yum-yum from their owner or trainer or both.


The reason that dogs are far easier to train than cats is apparent. It is because they are way more smarter and can understand what the trainer is trying to instruct them to do. Cats just choose to sit in the corner and look at you. It's because they have trouble understanding what you want them to do.

Dogs have assorted ears and love to listen:

Why dogs are better than cats has to do with their good sense of hearing. It doesn't matter if a dog's ear are very little or very big and flappy looking.

They have exceptional hearing that is a special characteristic that is definitely all their own. In addition to, having good hearing by nature, they the are also endowed with good listening skills as well.

What does this mean? It means what it means. There isn't a dog out there that doesn't know how to listen when a human does talk to them.

If you call out their name, they come to you right away, and that is because they have the ability to listen and do understand their name being called by their beloved humans.

If you talk to a dog face to face, they love this kind of communication, and they will respond by moving their face and look at you as if they understand your words. It is because they do understand your words to a certain extent.

They also know the voices that they get close to the most. You, as their human owner, are also their best human friend and companion.

They love to communicate with you in their own kind of way that is special and not something that cats can do or are capable of to be honest.

The kind of way that dogs do love to communicate with humans is by tilting their heads in a cute manner and making close eye to eye contact.

If you try to communicate with a cat, nine times out of ten, they will snub you in their own kind of way and just walk away from you lazily as if you aren't there at all.

Why dogs are better than cats is simple:

Dogs are better than cats and the reasons why are simple. Some of these reasons have already been given here as to why.

However, if one were to elaborate further, it would be to say that dogs are much happier in everything they do and they love interacting with humans. Dogs can sense when the humans closest to them may be sad, not feel good, or are just having a bad day.

They immediately tap into human feelings and are sort of on the same level in that sense. Dogs go all out to cheer their owners up in the best way that they can do.
They will come and snuggle up to you.

They will lick you endlessly and get you to pet their head.

They also adore warm hugs. There isn't a dog out there that doesn't love to just be beside a human and bring them happiness somehow.

Dogs are natural happy machines. They love to lick, wag their tails, jump on you, and have a happy disposition that they try to pass along to their favorite humans that love them.

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