9 Reasons Why Do Cats Hate Water

Cats are calm creatures. You will not find all cats silent and tolerant, so some may have an aggressive and eager behavior especially when around water, causing disappointment to you despite the fact that you always make your pet happy.

If you consider yourself to be a cat master, then you need to focus on why do cats hate water.


Here are some of the reasons;

  1. Cats that have evolved in cold climates do not like water.

    House cats do not like it in general. Their coats trap water, so the cat cannot keep itself warm.

    Liquids affect the capacity of the fur to insulate the animal against the cold. Cats hate being splashed in the face, eyes or ears, and as they have sensitive ears, they might get an infection;

  2. Cats that originated from desert regions rarely saw water. Also, the skin oils that protect them can be stripped away when they get wet making it hate water.

    It is not natural for a cat to drink a lot of liquids either. They have evolved to take water from their prey.

    Wildcats that eat small mammals get enough moisture from the bodies of their prey.

    In nature, they do not have access to pools, except after a rainstorm. On the other hands, there are house cats that prefer drinking running water.

  3. Some cats are attracted to the motion or sound of water that comes out of a faucet.

    Although cats may be attracted to it or like to spend hours playing with water from a dripping faucet or their bowl when their fur gets wet, they will not feel comfortable, and that is why do cats hate water. If kittens are taught to enjoy the water, they will not avoid it when they are older.

  4. Cats are less tolerant of behavioral change and new experiences than other creatures like dogs.

    If you have never exposed your cat to water, definitely it won't like the feeling of drenching its body in it. If you expose your cat to water while a kitten, it will get used to it and will always like it.

  5. Cats like other creatures are sensitive to bad odors.

    Water may have chemicals so some cats may turn against water to avoid the chemicals scent.

    Grooming is also part of a cats life and doesn't like anything that doesn't smell "normal" on their fur, making it a fastidious creature.

    Water may have an undecent smell which can turn a cat against it.

  6. Ancestor legacy- Domestication of cats started a long time ago.

    At homes cats are offered a shield from thunderstorms and rain, so the fear of water is an inborn instinct to present cats.

  7. Fear of predators- some wildcats such as leopards hates being around water basins because of the fear of being preyed by swarming crocodiles.

    Wildcats also restrict themselves from ponds, rivers or lakes making them hate water.

  8. Feeling of being trapped- Although cats are domesticated, deep down they are wild animals. They like enjoying certain independence so when it is soaked in water its coat gets heavier, limiting its mobility and agility.

    The wet fur limits its freedom of movement.

  9. Environment exploration- Sometimes cats have the feeling of controlling their environment and the things around their habitat due to curiosity.

    However, on contact with water, it will first observe and walk calmly around, put their jaws in the water and smell it.

    Finally, it will move its head towards the water submerging the whole body. Limiting a cat the freedom to explore its environment and bath whenever it feels like, make it hate water when you force it to a bath.

While some cats would do anything to avoid water, others do not need to mind it at all. There are experts who think that the aversion as to why do cats hate water is learned.

Except for the species that are naturally attracted to water, it may be a matter of the cat's taste. And although cats keep themselves clean, they do need a bath from time to time.

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