7 Easy Ways: How to Stop Your Cat From Biting

You have a pet your cat for an extended period, suddenly it becomes savage and starts biting for no reasons.

Cats’ bites especially when they are playing, and that’s normal, however; if your cat develops unexpected behavior of biting and you start wondering why do cats bite, it might involve several reasons.

Probably, the biting habit might result from sickness or injury and before wasting much time, take it to vet. But if you find out that your pet is not sick or injured and it bites for no reason, then that’s a serious issue.

You never tolerate cat biting habit.

Here are several tips you can apply to stop the behavior:

How to stop cats’ biting habit


  1. Yell out with a loud voice immediately it bites you by shaking or stomping your foot. By yelling, shaking and stomping, you will convey the fact that you will no longer tolerate it's habit anymore;
  2. Once your caBiteses, put it down for 15 minutes to calm down before you pick it up again. By avoiding the direct contacts immediately, it will be a lesson that, if it acts like that still in, they will no longer pet him;
  3. Always be Cautioned in case of attack signs. Some cats usually sit back and show warning attack signs. However, other cats show no signs of attack, but you should always pay enough attention to your cat to understand its emotions;
  4. The most sensitive parts of the cats are their bellies. Therefore you always avoid petting around that spot. That’s why most cats can lay down and roll on one side but avoid around their bellies;

Additional information about to stop the Biting cats’ issue

There are other applicable tips such as training to stop their biting habit. The following various method you can apply to terminate this severe problem.

Thus, immediately your cat attack you:

  • Making a hard, loud noise with your hand;
  • Look for a small can fill with rocks or marbles and shake hard;
  • Blow the air puff on his face;
  • Move towards the cat rather than pulling backward;

You should also not encourage some activities such as using your hands to play with your cat.

By encouraging this habit, your cat will get used to that habit and eventually it might biting you or someone else. Also, you can prevent and stop this lousy routine from happening again by:

Find out the cause-

Bad habits such as biting and scratching exhibit due to illness, injury or when they feel anxious.

Engaging your cat in fun activities

Sometimes your cat may bite due to inactiveness.

Whenever you notice your cat has started biting, you merely put it to stop by distraction with fun activities. For instance, you can distract his lousy movement with a toy to drive its attention and make it preoccupied.


Training Your Kitten against biting habit

There are primary factors you should note when you are Training your cat.

One of the facts is that cat training is entirely different ball game compared to dog training.

It is because cats and dogs are not the same.

Hence training method should also differ. You must know how felines drive their actions and how they think as well to communicate with them to correct their bad behaviors.

As you train kitty against biting, never under whichever Circumstance harm or try to hit your feline even if it bits you. By attacking your cat can either put you in danger since it can also attack back or you can severely harm it as well.

In fact, attacking your kitty is another reason why cats do bites.

Instead, you should learn to communicate with it before it attacks, and stop him.

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