Why Are Dogs So Loyal To Those They Love The Most?

The loyalty of dogs to humans and their fellow animals is something that is legendary. There are numerous, as well as, very incredible examples of just how loyal dogs are to their masters and other creatures.

One example is that of the dog Hawkeye. What makes Hawkeye a very loyal dog to his owner was evident.

When his Navy SEAL owner did die, the dog laid right down next to his casket, and it was the pet's own way of showing his sadness that his owner had died.

Another awesome and loyal pet dog was no other than the dog named Hachiko.

Hachiko was an Akita, and every day he would greet his owner at the train station when he would get off of work. When the owner suddenly died, the dog still showed his love and remembrance by doing one thing, and that was to return to the very same train station at the very same time every day for 9 years.

Why are dogs as loyal as they are to us?


What is the answer here? Are dogs loyal because it is natural for them to be so? What is it? What's the truth behind their fierce loyalty?

Some may tend to believe that dogs are loyal because we feed them and give them shelter. However, the truth is this, and that is something simple.

Dogs love the interaction with humans and other canine friends like themselves. It is as simple as that. They are born with a need to have a connection and the connection is to bond with those that love and support them in the very same way as they clearly do. Dogs are loyal to the ones who give them love the most.

It's as simple as all that. If it's about their nature, maybe it is something, which is indeed ingrained in them when they are born. However, this isn't saying outright it is in their nature, it's simply saying that dogs are loyal for one reason.

The one reason is that they are highly intelligent animals and they sense when they are being loved and give love back in return.

A big part of this love is their loyalty and undying affection for their owners. The very same affinity is something that they do share with their fellow sibling dogs or other canine buddies as themselves.

Dogs are also loyal because they are pack animals:

There are many things that do make dogs loyal to their fellow humans and other canines. Nonetheless, one of the biggest of all reasons, they are so loyal is clear.
They are born as pack animals.

Pack animals are born with the desire to be a part of a true pack. It doesn't matter what the pack does consist of overall.

Dogs can feel like they are in a pack with a mixture of both loving humans and other dogs. Because dogs are pack animals, they can pretty much feel at home, and also feel as one with almost any type of animal.

Dogs have a natural pack instinct that overrides everything else.

The loyalty is part of their pack instinct. If they feel a bond with a human or animal, the tendency they have is to become a friend, and as a friend.

The loyalty comes along as part of the friendship package.

Dogs are also not loners. They feel more comfortable being with a group of other humans or dogs or both. If a dog loses a member of its pack, it will feel the loss, and they tend to feel like a part of them is missing somehow.

Dogs are very feeling and caring creatures. The loyalty comes as part of the furry care package that is a canine for sure.

Dogs are also every inch loving creatures:

Dogs have their good side and their bad side. Their good side is their loyalty and their bad side is that they can bond with the wrong humans sometimes.

What does this mean? It means that if they let themselves bond with a human. A human can turn and abuse them, abandon them, or just not care about them at all. In this sense, they can't control their loyalty, because the love factor overpowers everything with them.

Dogs love to bond and bonding with the wrong humans does happen on occasion for them. Nevertheless, the loyalty doesn't seem to ever die, even when a human does abuse or neglect them somehow.

Dogs by nature do love and want to be loved in return. The loyalty they feel towards their beloved humans and other canines is part of that faithful love they feel. The love is loyalty and the loyalty is love.

They are at home in the pack mentality and always will be at home. Why dogs are so loyal is because of loyalty to the pack that they make for themselves among humans and other canines. The very same can be said of any other relationships they do form with other animals as well.

Dogs are man's best friend:


Why are dogs so loyal to their humans is plain as the nose on one's face. It is because it is one of their most exhibited of all caring traits.

Dogs are indeed man's best friend and always will be. It's a basic thing. However, if you look at it closely, you will see that it does indeed run very deep and always will for these fine canine creatures.

They are loyal for one reason. They know how to love and want to be loved. The loyalty that they do feel, is as eternal, as is the bond they formed for themselves among humans and other animals.

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