I Love Him But, What’s Wrong With My Dog

The fear that every pet-owner has is that something bad will happen to their pet. The worst part of having a pet is that no animal can tell its human owner what may be wrong with it.

A cat cannot tell a human when they are hungry any more than a bird can tell a human if they have a sore wing. This is what can so often cause a human pet owner to ask what is wrong with my dog?

When a dog seems listless or tired, there is often nothing more to do than try to figure out what the problem is so that the problem can be fixed.

What Do I Do To Answer What's Wrong With My Dog?

​If you are finding yourself asking what could possibly be the matter with your pet dog, the first question is to turn to a professional.

Yes, checking google can be tempting, because no one wants to seem panicked if the issue is simply a tired dog.

For anything that is really serious, make sure that your pet dog is taken to the veterinarian. However, if you just aren't sure that your dog really needs that expensive trip to the professional, below are some common dog issues that may be affecting your pooch:


Is he limping or holding up one paw?

​If your dog is limping or is holding up one paw and seems fearful of putting weight on it, there may be something stuck in his paw.

Just like a splinter will cause pain and annoyance to us humans when it is stuck in our hand or our foot, so does a dog suffer if there is something stuck in the padding at the bottom of his paws. In this case, check the underside of the paw and see if there is a pebble or a prickle burr of any kind stuck between the pads.

2. Does your dog keep scratching at his ears?

If your dog keeps pawing at his ear, there may be something stuck inside the little hairs of the ear. Whether this is a grass seed or some other small item from the ground, you may be able to stick your finger into the ear and pull out the annoyance without having to go to the vet.

3. Does your dog seem to be drooling a lot more than normal?

If your dog seems to be drooling all over the house or his tennis ball more than he used to, there may be a problem with his teeth. Peek into your dog's mouth and look for red and inflamed gums to determine whether there may be a loose tooth or a cavity to deal with.

Of course, if any of the above steps don't get your dog back to acting normally, make sure that you get your pet to the veterinarian. They have the expertise and training to be sure to get your dog back to health and happiness in no time.

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