The Most Effective and Nutritious Human Food for Dogs

Just like human beings, dogs need to be given the best food that makes them healthy, and energetic for them to grow well.

Dogs need a balanced diet to nourish their body system and ensure the dog resists diseases and stay healthy always.

It is advisable for your dog to keep on a canine diet, but it is also vital to slip a little of human food into the dog’s diet for additional nutrients and benefits.

All human foods for dogs are safe for the canine as well as some human foods can be hazardous to the dog, which you should be careful. 

Most healthy foods that are recommended for humans are relatively best for dogs also, but it is essential first to research thoroughly what can a dog eat and what it cannot. The following are types of human foods that are best for the dog.

What can dogs eat includes?

  • Lean Proteins
    Lean proteins are essential for dogs because it gives them the much-needed proteins to help them grow well and healthy.

    This protein is found in birds like chicken, Turkey, and beef and provides fats and proteins to the dog just like in humans. These will give the dog proteins to maintain their health and increase the dog’s energy levels to sustain the entire day's activities.

    Provide the dog with uncooked lean proteins together with some vegetables for the dog to get all the essential nutrients.

  • Eggs
    We all know eggs are the excellent source of proteins.

    It enhanced health benefits to dogs.

    It can be fed to the dog whether raw or cooked, and it is advisable to feed together with the shell because it is rich in some nutrients including biotin, selenium, riboflavin, and many others.

    Do not add salt or pepper if you cook eggs for the dog.

  • Peanut Butter
    Unsalted peanut is beneficial to the dog so long as it doesn’t contain xylitol because it can be harmful to the dog.

    Peanut butter is equally a favorite treat for human and dogs because it is rich in proteins and fats.

    Raw unsalted peanuts are rich in Vitamin B, E, and niacin that help to improve the health of the dog and make him healthy.

    Ensure you don’t feed the dog with peanut butter that contains artificial sweeteners because it may contain additives that are toxic to the dog.

  • Yogurt
    Yogurt contains calcium and proteins which is recommended for the dog for growth and development.

    Calcium helps to strengthen the bones and ensure the dog grows fast and healthy. It also enhances the growth of teeth in dogs which is essential to maintain the dog while eating.

    Yogurt also contains active bacteria which significantly helps the dog’s digestive system.

    Ensure you feed the dog with yogurt which is free from added sugar or artificial sweeteners because they might be harmful to the dog.

  • Salmon
    Salmon is the best source of Omega 3 fatty acids which is essential for every dog to grow and stay healthy.

    You can decide to give your dog cooked salmon or give it in the form of capsules as it serves the same purpose.

    Salmon provides vitamins for the dog, and you should desist from giving your uncooked dog salmon.

  • Oatmeal
    Oatmeal is rich in soluble fibers which are essential specifically for aged dogs with bowel irregularity issues.

    Oatmeal is also a perfect alternative to those dogs that are allergic to wheat or any other grains.

    For dogs with digestive problems, Oatmeal is the best solution because it strengthens the digestive system and enhances useful breakdown of food in the system.

    They should be well cooked before serving them to the dog for the best results and to bring the needed benefits.

  • Pumpkin and Sweet Potatoes
    Pumpkins and sweet potatoes are the right sources of Vitamins.

    It gives the dog visual health which is rich in fiber and other essential nutrients.

    They are beneficial to the health and development of the dog.

  • Green Human Beans For Dogs
    Green beans are very nutritious and are low in calories which make them a perfect choice for dogs.

    It provides the much-needed iron and Vitamins for adequate growth of the dog.

    Green beans are best when taken raw and should not contain any added salt.

These are among nutritious, recommended, and healthy human food for dogs. Ensure to give these foods to the dog in small quantities to ascertain their reaction, and in case it doesn’t go well with the dog, consult a veterinarian immediately.

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