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7 Easy Ways: How to Stop Your Cat From Biting

You have a pet your cat for an extended period, suddenly it becomes savage and starts biting for no reasons.Cats’ bites especially when they are playing, and that’s normal, however; if your cat develops unexpected behavior of biting and you start wondering why do cats bite, it might involve several reasons.Probably, the biting habit might […]

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Why Do Cats Have Whiskers

Have you ever experienced the tickle from your cat’s whiskers as they brush against your neck or face? I have been tickled on several occasions by my cats as they are curling up on my shoulder to go to sleep or rub up against my body for attention.Have you ever thought about the reasons as […]

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How to Keep Dogs From Digging Under Fence

It is normal for a healthy dog to dig. Some dogs are natural diggers such as terriers, while others dig on instinct.Dogs can also dig for entertainment, or in search of small animals that live in holes under the dirt.Dog holes under the fence are a security threat since thieves, and dangerous animals can use […]

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