Traveling with a pets

9 Things You Must Know About TRAVELING WITH A PETS

Traveling with a pet can be a stressful experience if you are ill-prepared. A little planning guarantees the comfort of the furry friend. If you've traveled with pets across borders then you're pretty well versed with the travel essentials. If a pet travel has come up. We would love to prepare you for the next travel adventure; these are the tips that will make your travel hassle free and enjoyable.

1. Carry a squeegee

The furry pets shed hairs literary! So why a squeegee? Pet hair gets everywhere: carpets, car seat, floor etc. A small hand-held squeegee will help you clean the mess on the go. This small handheld gadget is easy to carry, easy to pack. In the case, you can't get one then get a rubber glove. Wet the glove and run it over the hairy mess.

2. Exercise the pet.

Exercise the pet before traveling. An exercised pet becomes tired; a tired pet means the pet will be sleeping most of the journey. A sleeping pet means a peaceful journey for yourself. 

3. A Pet Carrier 

Look at it this way. The pet carrier is useful in crowded places. For example, a cat carrier comes in handy in crowded airports or train stations. Always ensure that the pet carrier is pet safe, secure and well ventilated. Wire mesh, hard plastic, and soft-sided pet carriers are available in most pet stores. Pet carriers should be large enough to allow the pet to sit, stand to lie down or turn around. 

Also, ensure that the pet is familiar with the carrier before the trip.

 4. Carry food for a few days.
 This is no brainier but somehow, some people end up forgetting to pack the food. Don't judge!

Don't worry about finding your favorite brand of pet food when traveling. Just get to know the ingredients in your pet's food. Pick it from there and shop for brands with the same ingredients at your travel destination. This saves you the baggage of carrying excess food.  

 5. Buy a pet first aid kit. 

A small kit to care for your pet will do. You don't have to overdo on the items. Ensure that you carry their medication (if any) alongside the first aid kit. Be sure to refill the medical supply before the trip. 

6. Travel bed/mat 

This ensures that the pet is always comfortable. Familiar travel beds will make pets relax. Pets love to follow routines and their familiar bed encourages them to do so. As soon, as you board a vehicle, boat, flight or train, set the pet bed at your feet or adjacent seat and make the pet lie.

7. Test run 

Get the pet acquainted with traveling by taking them on short rides before you take the long trip.

Start with a 2-hour ride and observe how they react. Look out for anxiety, motion sickness or agitation. If pets aren't calm on a short ride, then they aren't ready for longer rides. Therefore leave them at home. 

8. Get them checked. 

The medical checkup should ascertain if the pet is safe for traveling. This is very important especially when the pet has a pre-existing medical condition. If you are traveling across borders, let your vet know. The vet will brief you on the necessary documentation needed in international travel.

Some pets may need to be vaccinated against rabies and other diseases. It's crucial to ask the vet about morning sickness meds, tranquilizers and health risks of certain geographical areas.

9. Hydration

Some pets need a gallon of cold water to keep them hydrated. This means you need to carry water and drinking bowls or water bottles. Depending on the type of travel, bring a different water container for the purpose.

More tips for traveling with a pet

  • Get pet tags. It's more secure to have both collar and microchip tags. The tag should have your home address. Dogs should have flat collars.
  • Have a comprehensive pet traveling kit that contains leash, a waste scoop, plastic bags, blanket, pillow and grooming supplies to keep the pet comfortable.
  • Learn about the area you are traveling to.
  • Consider clipping long hair coats

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