Sportdog Field Trainer 425 Training Collar Review

Sportdog Collar is an excellent training device that can be used by any dog owner. It was taken here for review because it is lightweight, durable, and a great item that works well during hunting. This is perfect for first-time users as well.

If your pet likes to run away or go out of the yard, the Sportdog is extremely beneficial.

According to Sportdog Field Trainer 425 Training Collar Review, the item is highly helpful during running, hiking, camping, and any other activity you like to do with your dog.

You can also teach your dog to stay close to you without wandering off. Sportdog 425 comes with lots of great features, which are highly useful for teaching your dog how to become obedient, how to behave and listen. This is the best product for teaching them to stay in their surroundings and reducing your dog’s hyperactivity behavior.

Major Features and Benefits of Sportdog 425:

  • Bundle Pack;

Sportdog Field Trainer 425 comes with 2 different training items, such as the dog training remote clicker and the whistle dog training bundle. Both these items are extremely beneficial. You can use both of them together or separate as per your needs.

  • Training Device;

You can teach your dog behaviors effectively and efficiently by using the clicker. If you want your dog to start doing behaviors and actions, this is an excellent product.

When you use the clicker device, your pet will become more productive. So, they follow the positive behaviors, which is highly helpful for achieving your goals.

You can teach various reinforcements of proper actions and obedience by using different tones. If you use a whistle, your dog can hear the sound if he is too far away. In such a way, you can teach them to come back when they hear the whistling.

  • Stimulation Levels;

You will get 7 different types of stimulation range along with Sportdog Field Trainer 425. You can change these settings at any time. Your dog requires proper stimulation.

You can set a tone, which helps to recall your dog when he is far away. The tone setting can be used when you want to reinforce proper behavior techniques. When you set a specific tone, it will alert your dog and he will act accordingly.

You can also switch between tone, range, and vibration, which are helpful for finding the best tone that works best for your pet.

  • Distance;

It is important to maintain training at a distance with every dog. The Sportdog Field Trainer 425 collar perfectly works up to 500 yards of distance.

You can teach the importance of not crossing the boundaries set for them. This is highly essential for saving their life from being run off or hit by a car and becoming lost. You can change the distance very easily by taking your pet to other locations.

The Sportdog Field Trainer 425 will also help you prevent your dog from chasing cars or other animals and following others down the road.

Pros and Cons


  • Offers exceptional stimulation ranges;
  • Long lasting battery life;
  • Waterproof up to 25ft of water ;
  • Long range of detection ability;
  • Adjustable settings of control;


  • When you and your pet are in wooded areas, signals cannot reach beyond 200 yards; 
  • You cannot turn off the transmitter; 
  • It is very difficult to determine if the collar needs to be charged back;

Some Common Facts Of Sportdog Field Trainer 425

​The Sportdog Field Trainer 425 comes with long and short prongs for contact. The width of this collar is around inches. You can use its tags with any type of collar.

Even if you left the collar turned on, it will not beep continuously. But, it will flash continuously till the battery runs out. Only low-level stimulation is required for 80-pound dogs. The vibration settings on this collar will stay only at one level. You cannot adjust it for higher levels of vibration.

Final Verdict:

Durable construction, excellent waterproof capability, and many different setting options are the stunning features of Sportdog Field Trainer 425.

It perfectly works up to 500 yards away. Sportdog Field Trainer 425 Training Collar Review reveals that this is an excellent product for making your pet a well mannered, obedient dog. So, Sportdog Field Trainer 425 will surely be a remarkable purchase.

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