7 Mind Numbing Facts About Are Pitbulls Good With Kid

Last Updated March 26, 2018

In one word, the answer would be a YES. Pit bulls in a majority of cases are one of the most tolerant towards children. The American Temperament Testing Society has ranked pit bulls as having one of the highest rated temperaments amongst dogs. Although there are some breeds which are better when it comes to protecting the family, pit bulls are one of the most loving creatures around.

The question of “are pit bulls good with kids?” also depends on the level of training you provide and allowing the relationship between a child and a dog to naturally grow, under the supervision of course.

Tips for Pit Bull Owners

  1. Don’t leave the child alone at first;
  2. It is always advisable to not leave the child alone with the dog, until the time you are sure of the temperament of your dog and the bond between the child and the dog;
  3. Observe your child’s behavior and be unbiased in your judgment;
  4. It is important to observe the child’s behavior. We always tend to see the actions of the wrongdoer and in a lot of cases; the child could have provoked the dog into snapping or biting;
  5. Sometimes children can be brutal and it is important to correct that behavior. Even then, most pit bulls have known to be extremely tolerant;

Understanding your pit bull

  • ​It is always good to differentiate between the child’s toys and the dog’s toys. Sometimes, a child, in complete innocence could take away one of the dog's toys or their bully sticks;
  • In most cases, the dog is only trying to get back the toy which we can sometimes mistake as aggression;
  • Pit bulls are safe with kids and this can again be attributed to their sense of loyalty. However, if you feel that your dog is uncomfortable around a bunch of kids or any new-comer, then it is better to keep him/her at a distance;

Adequate Training

Training is an absolute must. Pit bulls must be trained properly, just like any dog would need to be. However, because of their inherently loving nature, they are almost always more affectionate and obedient.

In order to answer the question of: are pit bulls good with kids? we must understand a dog’s mentality and build a healthy relationship between the child and your pit bull right from the start, which would remove any fear and create a bond that a child can cherish for a lifetime. To end, one can just say that pit bulls can be safe with kids as long as they are loved and trained well. A pit bull and a kid can bring the energy levels of the house to a whole new high with laughter all around.​

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