How much does mobile pet grooming cost

Let’s face it. We live in a world that has an increasing amount of unnecessary things like stress and traffic. Convenience is steadily becoming a selling factor in many businesses - including pet grooming. People have found a way to bring the service of making your furry friend gorgeous again right to your doorstep, literally. Mobile pet grooming is slowly becoming the go-to option for pet owners.

Benefits that are oh-so-convenient

There are many beneficial factors that pet owners enjoy with a mobile grooming service. Some of them are:

  • Less stress for you - Imagine not having to get your pet ready for that trip to the salon, not having to vacuum the fur from your car and clean the mess after and just saving you and your doggo (or kitty) the hassle each grooming session brings.
  • Less stress for your pet – Mobile pet grooming services are especially great for introverted pets (or owners) that would instead not meet others of their kind. Mobile pet grooming saves you the worry of how your best friend might react or be treated when in an enclosed area with other pets and you have to leave him alone. 
  • Availability – Mobile pet groomers even offer early morning or late night services so that you can book an appointment before or after work

What’s the catch?

With any scenario in our reality, there will always be a con to a pro, a disadvantage to every advantage. When it comes to mobile pet care, some of the drawbacks to consider are:

Availability, the lack thereof – Each grooming session usually takes an hour and a half to three hours on average. A pet grooming unit can usually only accommodate 3-5 customers a day. Pet owners would have to book an appointment 4-10 days in advance. 

•  Higher costs – Because the service is being brought to your house, there is a higher price to pay. Pet owners are usually charged an additional $20 to $30 compared to a traditional grooming salon.

•  Restrictions and Accessibility – For those who live in areas with smaller streets or busy roads, pet owners will be faced with a drawback. The vans are usually bulky and require a bigger shoulder space and parking area to conduct business. In addition to this, there are homeowner associations, condominiums or villages that prohibit this service – detail to look into before booking an appointment.

Let’s talk about money

All of these benefits for an additional $20 to $30/session is an attractive option for pet owners.

While grooming in the salon on average costs between $30 to 90 dollars depending on the service and breed, mobile pet grooming costs between $70 to $110. Make sure not to forget the tip for the pet groomer.

Another factor to consider is the cost of time, transportation and cleaning materials spent on every trip to the salon. Depending on the distance, mode of transportation and cleaning brands that you use, you might end up saving more by hiring a mobile pet groomer. 

Mobile pet grooming is not for everyone. There are numerous options and specifics to consider. Basic research on different salons and mobile groomers plus some calls will be needed. Whatever the course of action, it is still very satisfying to see our furry family member ready to strut down Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills.

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