5 Common Myths About How Many Puppies Can A Pitbull Have

Have you ever wonder how many puppies can a pitbull have ? Pitbulls are most adorable and aggressive dog breeds. Pit bulls are combination of bulldogs and terriers bred together to obtain the strength of the bulldog and agility of terrier.

​Due to poor breeding and risk of their aggressive behavior pit bulls are banned in many regions. But a perfect training and love can change their behavior.

How Many Puppies Can a Pitbull Have:

Pitbulls develop sexual maturity very early. If you are considering to breed pitbulls it is better till they reach adolescent stage.

​Normally pitbulls have two to five puppies in first litter. Here are more interesting facts about pitbulls litter size and factors affecting the size of their litter.

how many puppies can a pitbull have


How Can I Tell How Old My Dog Is:

Age is a prior factor that shows impact on how many puppies pitbull is going to have. A female pitbull must be at the age of two years old to involve in breeding process.Due to the body shape, pitbulls can not carry pregnancy till the age of two years old.

First litter of a female pitbull maybe very little delivering just one or two puppies. A young female pitbull on second or third litter many have three to five puppies. A very healthy and young mother may also able to produce upto ten puppies in one litter.

In the process of getting older female pitbull ability to produce puppies may decrease, so breeding with older pitbulls reduce the number of puppies. It is also very essential to breed only when they reach adult stage.

  • Heat cycle:

Heatcycle is a factor that results in successful and healthy litter. Heatcycle is a process where female pitbulls reach the adolescent stage and gets ready for fertilization and pregnancy. A female pitbull should never be breed on her first heatcycle.

During heatcycle there will noticeable swelling of the vulva, increase in urination and bleeding. Breeding after third heat cycle can be more healthy for both mother and it increases number of puppies in one litter.

Dog Health Symptoms

Health is very important aspect that effects the size of litter. It is always better to check whether mother is in good health or not.

If mother is more healthy, all puppies will survive after gestation period. Gestation period of pitbulls is 60 days and in between 56 to 63 days, mother can get into labor and get birth.During her pregnancy, owner must take care of diet, health and creating peaceful environment for mother.

dog health symptoms


Additionally pitbulls have different body structure than other dogs, which make their body sensitive to carry weight.

Gestation periods are always hard for pitbulls if the birth process is too late.

  • Care:

Care factors are truly essential for healthy puppies. Experts recommend to take mother to health care center frequently to check the state of her pregnancy. During labor pains, let mother to settle down in warm and secured place.

Not all puppies survive after birth. Intense care is needed for mothers to deliver healthy puppies. If puppies number is high, mother may lack of nutrition for all puppies. If you wish you can read more interesting facts about pit bulls

Dog Breeding Basics

This is the top most factor that affects the size of litter. There is no particular answer for the question how many puppies they can deliver, but a controlled breeding and a good health care can develop mother and puppies.

Better breeding can bring best results. Pitbulls are not for profitable litters as their body shape is different from other dogs and can only carry few times. A professional and improved way of breeding can always bring higher number of puppies.

According to experts, average number of puppies pitbulls can produce is five. These are the factors that increases or decreases the number. How many puppies can a pitbull have? It always depends upon well researched and professional breeding.

If you are expecting higher number of puppies follow these factors and have successful results.

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I own and have helped 3 pitbulls give birth. They all have had 10 puppies their first litters. Two of the mothers Sat on one of their puppies and those are the only ones that died in the litter.

Kim r

My pit first litter at 2 years old had 15 so far 3 stillborn but 12 are doing just fine so the 10 number is balogna


My pitbull had 15 puppies and all of them survived and are now almost a year old. She was little over a year old.


My pitbull just had 11 healthy pups and her mom had 11 healthy 11 pups is that normal?


When her milk comes in, you’ve got about a week til the puppies arrive


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