The Real Reason Behind Man’s Best Friend Dog

The friendship bond between dog and man has started since ages. Dogs give us unexpected love throughout our day. There's a relation of companionship and loyalty between a man and dog. So, you can say, a man’s best friend dog.

Dogs are fun and companions that are why a man always want a dog as a friend.

Here are the reasons why your dog is your best friend:

Dogs have short-term memory problems​

When you do something wrong with your human friend they always notice and remembers the bad memory of yours. But on the other hand, dogs have memory problems.

You can mess around with them like annoy them, play with them by snatching their food or something like that. They will always forget that and still be standing by your side. That's why they are a little bit different from cats too.

why dogs are the best

​Dogs know and feel your emotions

​Whenever you got a bad or tired day trust me your dog knows it. Your body language and your voice tone make them know your current mood. If you are sad, your dog will look at you sitting beside you. If you are crying, your dog will start wiping your tears with their tongue.

When you are angry, they will rise their fur and starts barking or growling on imaginative or unimaginative objects.

​Dogs help you

​Some people have said that their dog noticed them when they were crying and really sat with them. So it proves that dogs can feel your emotions too

Dogs make us healthy​

So if you want to be a healthy person then immediately pet a dog. They will motivate you by their energy. They will starve to go for a walk, as a result, you both will be running on a track. If you don't prefer an inactive life or a lazy routine, pet a dog. They can improve your emotional and mental health.

​Dogs can teach you happiness

​Dogs are great because they can teach you happiness and all the things one requires in a friend. They play with you and are always with you. They are with you in your hard times.

For physical health, dogs always want to go on a walk. So it can be really good for your own health. Always go for a walk with your dog if they need to go. They protect you and can detect negative vibes

For a dog, it is always Christmas every morning. Every step with them is always the best, every game and meal time are always merry times.

There is a lot to learn when we take a time to observe how they rejoice every single moment. It is imperative to devout your time and shares the memorable times with your dog.

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