Indestructible Dog Beds


Dogs are naturally playful, young or old. It comes naturally that they love to chew on things around them for various reasons. When teething, pups chew to get rid of the itching and mild pain that comes with the process. Older dogs chew as a natural way of strengthening their teeth. How much of chewing, then, can be described as destructive? Read on to know what to do when your dog chews too much as and he extends this habit to his bed. Learn from the experts what to do when your dog destroys his bed because of chewing and all you need to do is invest in indestructible dog beds.

Why Dogs Destroy their Beds

Chewing can be healthy with dogs as mentioned above. It is, however, essential to rule out all possibilities of destructive chewing beforehand.

The main reason for chewing in dogs is to strengthen their teeth. This is more applicable in older dogs with the younger dogs and pups doing it to reduce the anxiety that comes with the teething process like the pain and itchiness. If the nearest chewable thing is the bed, then it needs to be tough and indestructible to be safe.

Anxiety disorders also cause excessive chewing in dogs. This is common with dogs that are always lonely for more extended periods. They tend to make it up by excess chewing, and this gets destructive if not addressed early.

Hunger too will cause your dog to chew excessively in a bid to find more satisfaction from other sources. It then goes without saying that if you underfed your dog in the evening, in the morning, his bed would be torn into pieces.

Invest in Tough Indestructible Dog Beds

To take care of the problem of your dog constantly destroying his bed once and for all, know the best bed for the job. Below are qualities of indestructible options:

  • Beds with minimal loose ends and visible seam lines. Your dog’s attention is quickly drawn to loose hanging fasteners or open seams and will tear at it in no time. Opt for a bed that has all ends tucked in and concealed.
  • Large and accommodative beds. By being as far as possible from the edges, there will be minimal temptation to chew up. Small beds appear like toys, and your dog will jump at it in the first possible opportunity.
  • Beds with durable materials. Spongy beds are comfortable but very easily spoilt. Go for beds made from sturdy leather, denim, or vinyl to reduce the chance of destruction. 
  • Use harmless lemon sprays. Available in shops, these sprays can be applied on all sides of the bed such that the dog backs off with the first lick. They are harmless to your dog and will keep their teeth off the bed.
  • Online options. Shopping online will expose you to the possibilities of indestructible dog beds in variety for you to choose from. For instance, the K9 Ballistic range of beds, the Kuranda chew-proof range of beds, among others can provide the perfect solution.


All is not lost though; speaking to your vet about your dog's condition will help you uncover hidden reasons as to why they are destructive chewers. Feed your dog correctly and water him sufficiently before bed to minimize the chewing, and if that does not help, consider throwing chew toys on his bed to distract him from messing up his bed.

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