How To Train A Dog To Sit: 3 Simple Ways

Dogs are adorable creatures, and that is the reason we love them. Unfortunately, they don’t speak our language that is the reason we have to devise methods to communicate with them. Teaching your dog how to sit is an essential lesson in obedience and lays the foundation for other more sophisticated skills. 

In a moment we are going to look at three ways of how to train your dog to sit. But there are a few things that you should keep in mind before you embark on this exciting mission.

  • You should start training as soon as you acquire it;
  • Our canine friends are masters of body language so while you training them to make sure you are In good moods and avoid yelling at them;
  • Each lesson should not exceed 20 minutes because dog especially puppies have a very short attention span;
  • You should be consistent with the word you use to command your dog to sit;

Getting your dog to can be done in 3 ways:

  1. Commanding your dog to sit:
    The reasoning behind this method is to get the dog to figure out the connection between your order sit’ and it has to obey that command. Make sure that the dog is paying attention. If it's in front, make eye contact and pointing to the ground, and in a commanding tone order it to sit. If the dog is by your side -as most like to stay- hold your hand over its head and use the sit command.

    In due course, the dog will sit. Congratulations, you have come a long way. This step aims at making sure that this behavior is repeated through the proven and tested method of positive reinforcement. In this way, good behavior such obeying the sit command is rewarded with the pets favorite treats. While you ignore disobedience.

  2. Applying a little pressure:
    If your dog is taking too long to understand the sit command this tip should work flawlessly for you. Put your hand at the bottom of its tail, and bring it down to the anal area while applying a little pressure and while at it remember to repeat the sit command. You can think of it like trying to curl the tail under the body while slightly pushing it down. If the dog sits, reward it accordingly to encourage it to do it on its own.

  3. Using a leash:
    Using a strap is a very effective because you can grab the dog’s full attention. Make sure that the dog is in a familiar territory. The dog should be by your side, put the palm of your hand in front of the dog’s nose, and move it back over the dog’s nose with your other hand pull on the leash while repeating the sit command. It works like a charm.

I hope these 3 ways of how to train a dog to sit will help you started in laying the groundwork for more complicated tasks. Remember that consistency is key as we mentioned earlier you have to be patient.

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