How to help a dog with arthritis at home


As a dog age, mobility becomes an issue. No more running or jumping around as they used to and they are likely to develop dog arthritis. The experience of taking care of such a dog is a daunting one to every dog owner. However, thanks to the advancement in veterinary medicine, it is possible to help such dogs and get them walking and jumping once again. The disease is common among middle-aged to older dogs and even some younger dogs may also suffer from the same disease. The condition affects joints and the dogs are always in pain.

Luckily, there are natural ways to deal with the problem and one of them is the use of the CBD oil that reduces and slows down arthritis progression.

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How to help dogs with arthritis

Regular check-ups

Always take the dog to the vet for regular check-ups so that the vet can watch his arthritis and make the needed adjustment to the treatment plan.

Weight loss

It is good to work on helping your dog shed excess weight to help him with the condition. The best way to so is by feeding him the right diet to make sure he is fit enough. Also, make sure he takes part in a controlled exercise by monitoring him when playing. Find a soft surface for the exercising activities.

Keep the dog warm and dry

Cold and damp condition aggravates arthritis and can add to the pain.  The best way to take care of the dog is by investing in a dog bed and then pat the painful joints with warm compresses.

Use CBD natural pain reliever

CBD is the best option when it comes to dog arthritis management. It controls pain by inhibiting pain transmission from joints to the brain. Using CBD to treat arthritis is also important in suppressing chronic inflammation without having to induce analgesic tolerance. CBD can easily improve your dog’s quality of life!

Unlike other prescribed drugs, CBD oil comes with no side effects since it does not damage the kidney, the liver, or even the gastrointestinal tract. Also, ou dog will not be sedated or high as using this oil is a holistic approach that will surely help your dog deal with the disease.

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If your vet says that e arthritis critical, then you may need to consider surgery just make sure you ask the vet on the pros and cons and what to expect.

Adjust your dog’s environment

To properly take care of your dog, make sure the environment is safe and comfortable for the pet. For example, offer supportive bedding to help with itchy joints, include ramps to help your dog enter or exit from a car, secure rags for traction, and put down carpets for his comfort.

While there are various ways to take care of arthritis dogs, CBD still remains the best option as it will make a pet’s life comfortable when fighting arthritis. The product helps in reducing and also treats inflammation on the joints. As long as you follow the above article to the end, your dog will walk and run within no time. All the best!

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