How can you make Dried Mealworms?

Mealworms are the nutritious food that you can give to your pet birds. They are rich protein and vitamins. If you are not comfortable with feeding the live mealworms to your pets you have an option of feeding them Dried Mealworms. They can be a good substitute to live or dried mealworms for your pet birds

Nutritious value of Dried and Live Mealworms

Let’s see how nutritious value changes in a Mealworm when it is Dried. It can be freeze dried or heat dried.

  1. Live Mealworm: 
    • Protein Value: 20%
    • Fat Value: 13%
    • Fiber Value: 2%
    • Water Value: 62%
  2. Dried Mealworm:
    • Protein Value: 53%
    • Fat Value: 28%
    • Fiber Value: 6%
    • Water Value: 5%

How to make Dried MealWorms

Dried Mealworms are available on various sites, one can buy from there. But you can also make them yourself. The process to make Dried Mealworm is roasting. Steps are as follows:

  • First of collect as many mealworms as you can from your locality. If not buy the live ones from the store.
  • Put the mealworms in a plastic container and secure it properly. Place this container in the freezer. This will kill the worms in around 15 minutes. Check and see if all the worms are killed or not. If not put them back again in the freezer for some time.
  • Use a electric or gas grill to roast the worms. You have to set the grill at the low temperature. 
  • Take your roasting pan and layer the bottom with the cornmeal. It will prevent the worms from sticking to your pan.
  • Put the frozen worms into the pan and spread evenly. Now place the pan on the grill. Cover with the lid or aluminium foil.
  • Let them roast for around 4-5 hours. During the hours keep checking in between and gently shake the pan in between so that the worms do not stick to the pan. Their colour will darken as they began to roast.
  • After they have reached dark golden –brown colour remove them from heat and let them cool down. 
  • Store in a container tightly.
  • Use them as you want to. You can mix it with some supplement powder and store them to feed your pets later on.

Dry Roasting is a good way to store your surplus supply of mealworms. They can be stored for 1 year without refrigeration and can be used as per the need of the person. Visit for more dried mealworms.

An interesting fact is that, in many places worldwide even people love to eat mealworms. There are various preparations that are being enjoyed by people. They are also served as delicacies at various places across the world. People tend to eat them raw or alive or even pan –fried. The most unique one is dry roasting these mealworms.

In dry roasting the mealworms one doesn’t compromise on the taste and also the nutritional value of the worm increases, thus it becomes more beneficial to us.

5 Reasons to Serve Dried Mealworms to Birds

1. It is amazingly easy!

The only thing you have to do is mix them in with the seeds you are already serving and watch them fight who is going to eat more.

2. The nutrition value of dried mealworms is fantastic.

They provide a perfect balance of fiber, protein, and fat that hugely increases the vigor and health of your pets.

3. They attract more different birds.

If you like feeding birds in your garden, by using dried mealworms, you will be able to see more different species. You can attract birds such as bluebirds, woodpeckers, nuthatches, cardinals, American Robins, and chickadees.

4. Birds are drawn more to mealworms due to their instincts.Naturally, birds are made to eat mealworms, which means that they are going to enjoy more while eating them.

5. Mealworms that are frozen and dried won’t be able to crawl and spoll away.

Dried mealworms require less job while maintaining them; you can just put them in a container, and not worry if they will escape. Also, if you want to feed your pets with mealworms that look like live ones, you can easily rehydrate them. Just check the guide below.

Rehydrating Dried Mealworms

As we already said, mealworms that are dried are a great source of nutrition for your pets. Whether it is that you are feeding chickens or your pet birds or lizards, another great thing you can do is feed them with rehydrated dried mealworms when the water sources are scarce. Still, the best thing is always to have water to give to them. But this way you can keep them more hydrated by providing them with food. 

The process of rehydrating is pretty easy. Just follow this simple guide, and you will have rehydrated dried mealworms in no time.

  • The first thing you need to do is to place the worms in a plastic container that you don’t mind getting dirty from mealworms.
  • Now, the hydrating begins. First, you should boil a few cups of water using a pan on the stove. The minute the water starts bubbling up, you should transfer it in the container with the worms by soaking all of them. Be sure to have enough water so that all of the mealworms are covered. Some of them will even be floating.
  • After this, you just have to let them sit for about thirty minutes in the water. During these thirty minutes, the worms will act as a sponge and soak as much of the water they possibly can. You will know that they are done once they start getting bigger and fatter and they will also change their color to a more pale texture.
  • Once the thirty minutes have passed, the once dried mealworms should be adequately hydrated and ready for your pets to eat them. Another way of checking if they are rehydrated is by picking one of them up, and seeing if they are flexible. If they are, then that means they are rehydrated.


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