Dog Wheelchair Reviews: Let Them Move Faster Than Before

Last Updated April 10, 2018

It is heartening for pet owners to watch the immobility of their pets. They become powerless when they see their pets in such a pathetic condition.

In the past, people used to euthanize their pets when they lost their mobility. Killing their beloved pets purposefully was the only option before them to provide relief to their pets.

But, now lots of options are available. Even after the existence of the past 40 years, most people are not aware of the life-changing power of a dog wheelchair.

These are highly useful for solving all types of mobility issues in dogs. These dog wheelchair reviews will surely help you pick the best one for your loving pooch.

Comparison Table of Dog Wheelchair Reviews: 

Small Dog Wheelchair Best Friend Mobility

Best Sellers Rank

Product Dimensions:  7.1 x 4.7 x 2 inches 

Item Weight : 6 pounds

Dog Wheelchair - For Large Dogs 70-180 lbs

Best Sellers Rank

Product Dimensions:  6 x 27 x 18 inches

Item Weight : 10.9 pounds

SitGo Dog Pet Wheelchair Revolution All Sizes

Best Sellers Rank

Item Weight : 18.4 pounds

How to Select a Wheelchair for your Dog?

Pets share their life with their human friends physically and emotionally.

When they suffer from a degenerative disease or when they meet with an accident, they need to undergo a series of pain and discomfort. They may lose their mobility in hind legs due to various reasons like hip or spine fractures.

A host of wheelchairs for dogs is available in the market for supporting immobile dogs. The wheelchairs range from handcrafted models to elaborately designed ones that offer as much adaptability and flexibility as possible.


Before purchasing a wheelchair for your pet, you need to take the measurement of your dog correctly. Though handcrafted wheelchairs are sturdy, they are bulky and heavy. So, they offer very limited possibilities while adapting to animals in question.

Different types of materials are used for manufacturing the seats. PVC pipes, extruded aluminum, steel, etc are used for manufacturing the seat.


​Choice of Wheels is the other important thing while selecting a wheelchair for your dog.

The wheel type depends on the place your dog lives, the environment it spends time in, and where it goes out for a walk.

If your dog spends his time in the city, a small wheel is suitable. Small wheels can be selected if you are living in a small house or flat. If the wheel is small, it is easy to manage the wheelchair.

​The large wheel of a wheelchair is similar to that of a bike. These types of wheels are suitable for dogs live in large residential areas with large areas or fields of soil, sand, or grass, or go to the mountains for a walk, or lives in the countryside.

​Importance of a Dog Wheelchair

​A dog wheelchair is mainly designed for using in indoors, but it is more practical to use it in outdoors. Therefore, you should evaluate your location very carefully before purchasing a wheelchair for your dog. There must have enough space for accommodating a dog wheelchair. Wheelchairs are rugged and can be used in most terrains.

However, a wider wheelchair is essential for bigger dogs, so you should consider the space before purchasing one.

​The best wheelchairs offer significant mobility, recovery, and relief from several medical conditions such as degenerative myelopathy, thoracolumbar disc degenerative disease, paralysis, arthritis, etc.

Top Best Dog Wheelchair Reviews

1/ Small Dog Wheelchair Best Friend Mobility

The Small Dog Wheelchair, manufactured by best Friend Mobility, comes with lots of stunning features. Aluminum is used for creating the frame, so it is lightweight.

The frame is also non-rust because of the quality of aluminum. Height, width, and length of this wheelchair can be adjusted very easily.

It is tested and designed by K9 Orthopaedic surgeon. The Small Dog Wheelchair offers full rear leg support without any rear leg weight bearing. It is suitable for most dogs that measure 14-17 inches.

Pros and Cons


  • Rust-proof hardware;
  • Adjustable aluminum frame;
  • Easy clip-on and off rear and front harness;
  • Neoprene rear and front harness;
  • Hex wrench adjustable length and height;
  • Easily adjustable;
  • Soft harness;
  • Easy to clean because leg loops have soft foam;


  • Metal protrusions on wheels, which scratch everything they touch;
  • Need to tight the screws constantly;

2/ Dog Wheelchair - For Large Dogs 70-180 lbs

Dog Wheelchair, developed by Walkin’ Wheels, is ideal for dogs between 70-180 lbs. The leg measurement of dogs should be 17-20 inches.

It comes with adjustable harnesses, which is helpful for providing optimal mobility and comfort to your pooch.

Height, width, and length of this wheelchair can be adjusted by pushing a button. Aluminum is used for constructing the frame of this wheelchair, so it is lightweight. You can also transport and store this wheelchair very easily.

The Dog Wheelchair is highly useful for pets that suffer from various leg and hip problems including slipped disc, paralysis, arthritis, myelopathy, surgical recovery, neurological problems, etc.

Pros and Cons


  • Can be adjusted;
  • Perfect for any dog;
  • Lightweight and highly durable;
  • Aluminum frame;
  • Storage and transportation is easy;
  • Fits perfectly;


  • A few customers complain about the usefulness of this wheelchair;

3/ SitGo Dog Pet Wheelchair Revolution All Sizes

The SitGo Dog Pet Wheelchair is perfect for providing maximum relaxation and mobility to dogs. Manufactured by Best Friend Mobility, it allows your pets to get up, go, sit, and relax in their wheels.

Highly durable, lightweight material is used for manufacturing this wheelchair. SitGo provides the best rear leg and quad support. This is the first wheelchair that allows your pet to sit and lie down. The rear portion can be lowered, so your dog can easily get in this wheelchair. This is ideal if your pet is big and heavy.

Thus, no lifting operation is required for your pet. The height, width, and length of this wheelchair can be adjusted very easily.

Pros and Cons


  • Highly durable, but lightweight;
  • Aluminum frame;
  • Offers complete mobility;
  • Your pet and even sit and relax in this wheelchair;
  • No lifting operation is required;
  • Really a revolutionary product;


  • Around 14 percent customers in Amazon complain that the product is not worth to purchase;

Final Verdict:

Dog wheelchairs are really amazing. However, every pup will not understand the benefits of a wheelchair, especially when they start using it.

Therefore, start by going for a short walk, then they will become familiar with it. Generally, a dog wheelchair falls under three categories, such as front support, rear support, and full support. The rear support one is the most common. The above-mentioned dog wheelchair reviews will surely help you pick the best one for your beloved fur friend.

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