Quiz: How Much Do You Know about Does My Dog Love Me?

Owning a pet can be a laborious and intensive process. A human owner will feel so much love for and obligation to a pet that they can often struggle to know if they are doing everything correctly.

And this uncertainty can make the question of does my dog love me even harder to answer!

After all, we tell our dogs constantly how much we love them, but we also may tease them with our words. We may ask them where the ball is when we haven't thrown it yet, or demand that they tell us why they are barking and what they want to do.


This variation of meaning in the same sing-songy voice that reads "happy" and "joy" with which we speak to our dogs can lead us to question the emotion that our dogs feel for us.

Dogs show love differently than humans do, of course. And this is why we can sometimes question whether or not our pets love us as much as we love them. In general, of course, a dog is going to love and be happy with anyone who feeds it.

does my dog loves me

The stipulations that dictate whether or not a dog is willing to love a human is pretty much measured by:

  1. ​Whether the dog is consistently fed healthy food that keeps him strong;
  2. Whether the dog gets daily walks and enough exercise that he is tired and efficiently exercised;
  3. Whether the dog has a comfortable bed in which to sleep and rest;
  4. Whether the dog is patted and treated well, and not punished cruelly when he does something wrong;

There are ways to determine if your dog loves you, however, in addition to these items listed above. Does your dog wag his tail when he sees you?

Does your dog bound to the door with excitement whenever you come home from work or class? Does your dog lick your face in the mornings and bark happily with a wagging tail when you wake up each morning?

These are all signs that your dog loves you very much and hopefully go a long way towards answering your question of does my dog love me.

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