If You Want a Pet |Here is the Best Small Dog For Kids

So you are parents and your kids are clamouring for a pet. Or, perhaps you are a newly married couple thinking about starting a family, but you want to try everything out with a pet dog first. Making sure that you have the best small dog for kids in either scenario is wise.

After all, a dog is going to live with you for years, so you want to make ensure that your dog is going to be able to get along happily with your children or your future offspring.

Read on to ensure that you can get a dog for your household that is going to be able to get along just fine with the whole family.

The best dog for small kids may be dependent upon any allergies in your family line or in your child's health. If your small kids are allergic to pet dander, for instance, than making sure your choose a dog breed with short hair is advisable.

Alternatively, if your child is nervous of really large animals, a smaller dog may be a wiser choice than a big dog. Overall, however, the best dog choice for families with small kids consist of a selection.



In a tiny size that puts them nose-to-nose with babies and small children, a chihuahua is the best small dog choice for kids.

With short hair there will be no issues with children allergic to pet fur or danger, and the tiny size of this dog's mouth and snout means that nipping will be a far lesser risk than some other dog breeds.

Jack Russell Terrier​

​A terrier dog is another option that can make a great small pet for a family with children. These dogs are a bit furrier and tend to be larger in size than a Chihuahua.

However, with their long fur they can be fun to pet for little children, and they can also act as hairdressing dummies for little girls who love to do hair.


A Papillon puppy can be a fantastic choice for families with children. Diminutive and friendly, these dogs have very long hair and are often incredibly friendly. They serve as a great hair dressers dummy and will happily sit on laps and lick faces all day long.

These three dog breeds are each a fantastic small dog for kids and any one would make a great pet. Go to your local adoption center and see what small dogs you can find to bring into your home!

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