The Best Pet Insurance for your pet and your peace of mind

What happens if your dog has a lump that has grown and your veterinarian informs you he has cancer? What if your beloved canine is hit by a car or is injured by another animal?

The well-known fact about Christmas is that "Christmas is for everyone". Rich or poor, young or old every loved one has the opportunity to celebrate the holy Christmas. So does your pooch.

Lifesaving treatments for your pet can get very costly, really quickly and most people so not have thousands of extra dollars lying around to pay extremely high veterinarian bills.

You cannot allow your pet to suffer or worse yet, die because you cannot afford treatment which is the exact reason you should secure the best pet insurance on the market for the most affordable price.

Statistics about pets and why insurance is great to obtain.

In the United States, several pet owners are faced with a vet bill that comes in at $1,000 or more. The majority of cases involve an emergency situation and one in three pets each year need veterinarian care. Last year, according to Bloomberg, the cost for emergency care for pets in the United States reached $15 billion and that figure could rise this year.

​What to look for in a pet insurance policy

Pet insurance is a rapidly growing industry and there are many websites available and dog and pet-related magazines that will help you compare pet insurance policies from a wide range of companies.

​To choose the policy that is the greatest fit for you and your pet you need to evaluate several things including:

• Policy coverage- This should include accidents such from cuts and broken legs to surgery brought on by the animal swallowing a foreign object; illnesses, including diabetes and cancer; Genetic conditions such as hip dysplasia; and routine check-ups such as yearly examinations and dental cleanings.

• Coverage levels-You need to choose a plan that is realistic and will cover the actual costs of illnesses and injuries.

• Deductible-Choose a deductible that fits your income level and what you need to get from the coverage.

• Veterinarians-Make sure the policy you choose covers the veterinarians in the area you reside in and will also cover emergency clinics and specialists.

Securing the best pet insurance for your animal will give you peace of mind so you can enjoy your pet without worries for his or her health and well-being, not to mention the fact that it will save you from going broke while saving the life of your beloved pet.

The best pet insurance for your animal is a win-win for both of you!

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