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7 Best Dog DNA Tests Reviews

Last Updated April 21, 2018

Happiness is a warm puppy! Who doesn't love those furry angels jumping around with love all day? Dogs have been Human's best friends from the ancient times and estimated to be bred in between 13000-30000 years ago.

Being a dog owner, knowing the ancestry family tree of your dog gives you a bright look at the genetic history, parentage, genetic markers and bred history.

The Dog DNA test are getting popular over the past decade, and people are using them to reveal their fur bubby's progenitors.

Whether you own a corgi, german shepherd, Pomeranian, Siberian husky or Rottweiler, it is a better thing to learn the subject of the antecedents. Purebred dogs may not need a test, but if your dog got rescued or you feel like it has mixed breeds, You need to get a Dog's DNA test kit.

Latest technology discovered these DNA test kits to know everything regarding the breed up to past three generations, the average size of the dog, weight details, health levels and personality traits.

The first step of this testing is purchasing the best Dog DNA test for dogs. There are a lot of factors that make the perfect testing kits.

Choosing a cheap dog DNA test can be a complete waste of your time and also the report can damage your focus.

How Did We Find The Best Dog DNA Tests?

DNA Tests

We have looked and tested a wide range of DNA testing kits available in the marketplace and compared some products to get the best one. Our team took the main features, kit details, brands, usage technique and user's experience to choose the right one. After doing all the tests, we have finalized the products for you and provided you with the brief details and other information concerning the Dog DNA t​ests.


Wisdom Panel 3.0 Breed Identification DNA Test Kit

The wisdom DNA test kit is our top pick on this list and one of the best ways to find out your dog's ancestry history with the help of percentage charts.

The test panel of Wisdom company was developed by using the breeds found in the American Kennel Club registry and Kennel club which have a database of all the popular dogs and ancestors. This panel testing process has the unique feature of scanning MDR1 which is a drug sensitivity mutation that affects the ability of the dogs to react common drugs. 

Knowing this information let the owner plan veterinarian procedures and other health related things.

The customized report features percentage of breeds, complete breed information, weight profile, family tree and many other essential details. The three generations family tree reveals complete details the dog's ancestry so that you can know whether the dog is purebred, mixed breed and gets explicit acknowledgment regarding genetic breed group and DNA signature of your dog.

You may not know the breed of a dog just by looking at it. For example, if you own a pitbull, it can be breed by using two mixed breeds which leads to multiple genetic prints that can be exposed by this test kit.

Product Features

  • The kit comes with all the equipment to collect the dog's sample. With a cheek swab, you can understand everything in respect to your dog.
  • It features largest breed database which has 250 breeds of different varieties and types of dogs.
  • It is designed with drug sensitivity screening of MDR1, and it got officially licensed by the Government.
  • Identifies purebred ancestors in which it gives first three generations.
  • It takes 2-3 weeks to get your results after sample reaches the lab.

Good and Bad

The Good

  • Easy to use; 
  • Reveals a lot of information;

The Bad

  • Sometimes results are not accurate in the case of mixed breeds;


Embark Dog DNA Test Kit

Embark dog DNA test is well known as one of the best DNA kits in the present market, and unique feature of this product is its database consists of over 20 times more genetic information compared to the other tests in the market.

The cutting-edge reports give you a comprehensive picture of your pet's veterinarian plans, general health, ancestry history and canine health. With 175 dog breeds, it covers 98% canines in America that creates most true breed identities.

The genetic basis of appearance explains the physical outlook, mental health and genetic traits of your dog breed.

These traits can help you to get more bonding with your puppy. The test can tell you all the things in relevance to the paternal and maternal groups of your dog and his family background back to great-grandparents.

The samples are tested and certified by the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals which is trusted by professional dog breeders.

Genetic diseases are tested and screened by our panel tests which are mostly found in 113 AKC recognized dog breeds.

Product Features

  • Tests more than 160 diseases.
  • Certified and ensures the results gives a lot of information on the subject of the breed.
  • Monitors 175 dog breeds to unveil mixed breeds and ancestry.
  • Reveals health issues, healthy aging, drug sensitivity and genetic testing.
  • Checks the dog's genetic disease history to protect them from glaucoma, dilated cardiomyopathy and degenerative myelopathy.

Good and Bad

The Good

  • Gives you useful information about dogs health; 
  • Faster reports;

The Bad

  • Not for small dog breeds;


Mars Veterinary Wisdom Panel 2.5 Breed Identification DNA Test Kit

Mars veterinary wisdom kit provides you a quickest DNA testing process with just a simple cheek swab to disclose genetic insights. 

It explains you everything about the wellness needs, the appearance of dog and behavior treats.

MDR1 testing produces mutant MDR1 gene to test the drug sensitivity levels.

One of the best features of this DNA kit is it can trace the dog's genetics up to the great-grandparents.

With almost over 250 breeds, the database is designed with the recognized breeds of Americal kennel club.

It lets you know that if your dog is mixed breed or purebred.

The detailed chart allows the user to compare the dog with other dogs which come in the same breed. You never have to worry about how your dog is going to behave, arrogance levels, size, and weight after getting this report.

Product Features

  • Reveals dog's genetic background, weight ranges, dietary needs and nutrition choices.
  • The reports will be mailed to your email.
  • Clear breed insights help you to understand the dog's behavior so that you can plan a training program.

Good and Bad

The Good

  • Accurate results; 
  • Clear information;

The Bad

  • Not suitable for hybrid breeds;


DNA MY Dog - Canine Breed Identification Test Kit

Have you ever seen your dog's face and felt it has some mixed traits?

If you are anxious about your doggy's hidden secrets, you must take part in this canine DNA test.

DNA my dog ensures 99.7% accuracy on all the dog breeds and correctly gives you all the results regarding your fur buddy's antecedents.

In DNA MY DOG, the reports come in five different levels in which you get to know the 75% genetic information of specific breed, mixed breed dog information, physical and mental traits.

The heritage knowledge helps the owner to understand the genetic health concerns, history of the breed, purity of the breed, gold embossed, suitable medicines and drugs, and DNA profile number with personalized traits and charts.

The analysis process perfectly designed to examine the sample based on the database. By learning the dog's health risks, you can take precautions to protect your four legs friend.

Product Features

  • Helps you to acquire the genetic breed knowledge on your pet dog's genes.
  • Results are out within two weeks after sending the sample to the lab.
  • Provides a clear outline of dog's genetic health concerns.
  • Determines the dog breeds history with a simple DNA cheek swab.
  • Gives you breed determination report level percentages of dog's genetics, CAnine breed DNA analysis certificated and outline of the genetic profile.

Good and Bad

The Good

  • Quick results; 
  • Gives a lot of information;

The Bad

  • Gives wrong weight;


Dog DNA - Canine Breed Identification Test

Everything is possible with science and technology! This quote perfectly suits when it comes to the latest technology invention breed identification test.

It test identifies the dog's breed, and the outcome has all the things about the past three generations of your pet dogs.​

The DNA characteristics give you the best understanding of your dog's behavior, health risks, limits and personality traits. The advanced testing technology unveils everything with a quick cheek swab and performing a lot of tests.

All the cells carry the same genetical imprints which give clarity about the ancestry of any dog.

The database of this company is created after doing in-depth research about the differences in dog breeds and depths of Dog genetics. This feature helps the testing process to differentiate the breeds and gives details about mother and father of your dog.

From appearance to general behavior characteristics, you can learn everything related to your dog.

Product Features

  • Reports are given within two weeks after receiving the sample.
  • The sample is taken with a simple cheek swab provided in the kit.
  • Reveals DNA based insights.

Good and Bad

The Good

  • Well researched database; 
  • Instructions are unambiguous;

The Bad

  • Sometimes takes a long time to get results;


Wisdom Panel DNA Kit 2Pk for 2 DOGS

Wisdom Panel dog DNA test comes in the sixth position of our list and has many unique features that give incredible benefits to the user.

The panel testing detects not only about the dog breeds and ancestry, but it also shows the model ancestry chart which reveals the breeds involved in your dog's family history.

Learning and understanding the dog's family tree can make you get closer to your dog and creates a special bond between you and your pet.

If you own a mixed dog breed which can have four to five dog breeds in his family history, you need to get this Dog DNA test to resolve the confusion and get clarity. The more you learn about your dog the closer you get to it.

You can schedule the custom training, health plans, diet, balanced lifestyle and happy future for your dog.

Product Features

  • The laboratory database detects 185+ dog breeds.
  • The report guides you to plan dietary and health plans.
  • Easy to use DNA kits.
  • Reports come within 2 to 3 weeks.

Good and Bad

The Good

  • Best accuracy.
  • Well designed kit.

The Bad

  • Needs more information;


Orivet Dog DNA Test Breed-ID + LifePlan Identify Your Dog's Unique DNA Profile

Orivet test breed is the perfect one for you if you are in search for a DNA kit that gives you comprehensive canine genetical details.

The collection process of the swab is safe, painless and do not make your dog anxious. The testing database consists of 150 different dog breeds which determine mixed and hybrid breeds.

The report gives you a well-described outlook on dog's lifespan, genetic background, lifestyle plan, shared traits, bite force and other expert advice.

Product Features

  • The panel test consists of hundreds of genetic markers.
  • Identifies the breed with a simple swab.
  • The process is painless for dogs.
  • Gives specific information about physical activity, nutrition, health problems, and lifespan.

Good and Bad

The Good

  • Best accuracy.
  • Well designed kit.

The Bad

  • Needs more information;

How to Choose the Best Dog DNA Tests - Quick Buyer’s Guide

Everyone dog owner loves their dogs more than anything and dogs are known as most loyal animals on the planet Earth.

Have you ever got doubt about what your dog's breed, who are the parents of your dog? Even how does he behave around you and children, arrogance levels, easy to train or not, Is he more likely to get certain diseases, allergy the question list never ends but the only answer is to get your dog DNA test.

A dog DNA test is the easiest way to do a quick check on your dogs family background. However most of the people get scammed by If you are worried about how to select the one, here are some of the features that you need to look before purchasing the one.

  • Accuracy: The priority when it comes to any medical tests is accuracy. DNA testing reliability in most of the cases is 99.5 percent, and the accuracy of DNA test taken by the cheek swab is same as the blood test.

    People usually buy the DNA kits to get a clear idea about their dog's history. If you have heard about Dog DNA kits, you might have also heard that most of the results are inaccurate and cant be trusted.

    But the truth is it depends on you to select the best DNA kit.

    Here are the things that affect the results-

  • Collecting the sample carefully:
    It is entirely owner's responsibility to collect the dog's sample following the precautions.

    The quality of the sample must be good enough to be tested correctly. Follow the instructions given along with the kit and do it with care. You need to open your pet's mouth and swap the sample bud careful to get a quick swab.

  • Genetic markers:
    A genetic marker is scientifically defined as a gene placed in a known location on the dog's genetic structure.

    The genetic markers are used to identify any species and individuals. The variation of the gene may vary from species to species.

    In dogs, the DNA sequence can be different in purebred and mixed breeds. These are used to study the species similarities and variations.

  • DNA testing process:
    The deoxyribonucleic acid test process is widely available all around the world, and with advanced technology, the test reveals all the details about the biological relationship.

    The DNA dog kits come with a sample collector in which you can get a cheek swab inside the cheek.

    The sample is taken to the lab, and the process of screening is done for genetic mutations, hereditary conditions, maternal and parental details and common health issues.

  • DNA Database:
    Is it a significant question to ask yourself before purchasing the DNA kits.

    Some of the dog companies have massive DNA database which gives the best results. The more extensive database means the company compares your dog DNA with a lot of other breeds and compares the DNA with the other breeds in the Database.

    Few companies have registered canine breeds certified by the Government.

  • Learn what the DNA kit reveals
    Dog DNA test is used to unveil a lot of details in the matter of your pet dogs. It benefits the owner to learn about the physical, mental and health concerns in the case of your dogs.

Here are some of the characteristics revealed by DNA tests

  1. Genetic background
    The main reason to get your dog's DNA tested is to learn about the genetic history and family tree of your dog. If you know everything concerning your dog's maternal and paternal details, you can use the information in the future breeding process.

    The result outputs show you three generations of your dog's family tree and also common diseases linked with the genetic prints.

    It becomes much simpler for you when someone asks about your pet's breed. If your pet is a mixed breed, the percentages of genetics and antecedents can be traced without any problem.

    It also shows the dominant breed of your dog, physical traits, and breakdowns the genetic structure of your pet.

  2. Drug sensitivity:
    Drug sensitivity is a term which explains a species reaction to certain drugs and medication. Only a few DNA tests offer this feature and monitor pet's level of sensitivity for specific drugs.

  3. Weight and size:
    You should get your dog's DNA tested to know about the average weight and size of your dog. In the DNA testing database, the reports consist of weight and size predictions.

    You can decide your pet's dietary choices for healthy living. It avoids obesity and other weight-related problems in your fur bubby.

    The customized chart comes with all the details regarding your pet's physical appearance. You can also consult your vet to plan your pet's food based on this report to avoid any diseases.

  4. Physical and behavior traits:
    The reports also reveal your pet's physical traits and mental traits which says the behavior tendency.

    You can get to know whether your dog is going to be a complete arrogant bubby or a total introvert who never speaks out.

    The activeness, running, houling, shouting, barking, speed, eating habits everything is linked back to the ancestry of your dog. With these tests, you can be a master of your pet's behavior, so you will be able to create more bonding.

  5. Health:
    Experts have proved that certain breeds in dogs tend to get affected by specific diseases at some age. The results show you if your pet is prone to certain diseases and common illnesses.

    Also, some kits have drug sensitivity screening in which you can learn how your pet dog is going to react to various drugs and medicines.

  6. Ease to use:
    Tests related to DNA and genetics needs heavy care and intense concentration to do it correctly. The kit should come with clear instructions and tips to guide the user through simple steps.

  7. Time is taken to get the results:
    Once you have sent the sample to the lab, you need to sit and count the days before receiving the reports.

    Most of the companies take one to three weeks to get the results, and you don't have to wait for much longer time.

    The analyzing process, testing, and reports can be procced within a short time, and the results will be in your hands within a short time.

Final Words 

After reading the reviews on Best dog DNA tests, we hope you learned everything about these kits. One dog year is equal to seven years of human beings. 

The average lifespan of dogs is typically 10-15 years. The minute you got your new puppy, it is your responsibility to take care of your baby.

You cant deny the fact that knowing the identity of your dog's breed can help you to plan the lifestyle and veterinarian plans for your dog's future.

It helps you to protect your dog from common diseases and efficiently to nurture the dietary ideas of dog's good health.

Take good care of your pet so it can stay healthy and happy.

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