Best Citronella Bark Collar Review

Citronella bark collar is used for controlling the incessant barking of a pet dog. It is suitable for most dog breeds and can be used for puppies from 6 months old. This is the most humane way of training a pet dog not to bark excessively.

The functions and looks of a citronella collar are as same as a traditional collar. But, the best citronella bark collar can hold a small canister that is filled with a harmless spray.

Comparison Table of Best Citronella Bark Collar Review: 

Bark Solution Anti Bark Dog Collar

Best Sellers Rank

Weight : 4 ounces

Petrainer PET998DBB Waterproof Shock Collar

Best Sellers Rank

Product Dimensions:  7.6 x 1.9 x 5.8 inches;

Item Weight : 12.8 ounces

Sauder Wall Cabinet, Cinnamon Cherry Finish

Best Sellers Rank

Item Weight : 8 ounces

Nuisance barking is the process of barking for a predetermined length of time.

When a dog barks continuously, the citronella bark collar finds it unpleasant and it releases a short burst of the solution. If the dog repeats the same behavior, the collar will again release another burst of spray, which contains natural citronella oil. However, it will be in diluted form.

Compared to electric shock collars, citronella bark collars are more humane and kind. However, when you select a collar, you should consider the peculiar characteristics of your pet dog.

The buying decision can be taken on the basis of certain facts such as age, breed, temperament and size of your pet dog. It is also important to consider the frequency of his barks. The ideal way to select the best citronella bark collar is taking your pet along with you when you go shopping. Always select a comfortable collar for your pet.

Every dog has unique characteristics.

A puppy or a smaller breed requires a thinner, smaller collar. But, a big dog needs a sturdier one. The citronella bark collars are also available in leather, fabric or plastic.

Though fabric collars are lighter, they can get dirty and damaged very easily. Leather collars are more comfortable but they are heavier and more expensive.

A citronella bark collar will never restrict or inhibit the movements, activities, and energy of your dog. It is also free from unpleasant side effects.

It allows your dog to continue their normal activities such as playing, running, jumping, etc. Some best citronella bark collars are waterproof, so they will not get damaged. Here are top 3 best citronella bark collars, you can confidently select one from this list.

Best 3 products Review and Buying Guidelines: 

1/ Bark Solution Anti Bark Dog Collar

The Bark Solution is an improved anti bark dog collar system that comes with 7 adjustable sensitivity control.

It is popularly known as the 3rd gen bark collar because of the degree of control it offers. The Bark Solution is ideal for dogs between 15-120lbs. However, it is not good for puppies and small dogs.

It is efficient in detecting the sound of barks. The sensitivity of microphone can also be adjusted as per the voice of the dog. It comes with a microprocessor on the collar, which is helpful for filtering out the background noise. Thus, it can prevent false corrections.

The Bark Solution Anti Bark Dog Collar emits a tone when the dog barks. Thus, it gives a low level of shock. The volume of the tone and intensity of the shock will be increased when the dog continues barking.

Pros and Cons


  • More humane than traditional collars;
  • Excellent value for money;
  • Adjustable bark detection system that helps to eliminate false corrections;
  • Quickly trains dog from nuisance barking;


  • Very poor instructions; 
  • Not suitable for small dogs or puppies; 

2/ Petrainer PET998DBB Waterproof Shock Collar

The Petrainer PET998DBB is ideal for begin with training your dog. It can be used for correcting obedience when you take your pet dog for a walk.

The Petrainer PET998DBB is easy to use a collar, which offers your maximum convenience. In order to satisfy the needs of dog owners, this training collar comes in 4 modes, beep, light, vibration and shock stimulation.

It also allows you to adjust from 100 levels of vibration and shock stimulation. Simplistic design and easy to understand interface are the other peculiarities of this collar. The Petrainer PET998DBB offers you a long straight line range of 330 yards.

Pros and Cons


  • It is ideal for small, medium and large dogs;
  • Collar receiver is waterproof;
  • Rechargeable lithium batteries;
  • Remote transmitter can be used for controlling two dogs;
  • Easy to use;
  • Power saving design;
  • Effective and safe;
  • Highly convenient;


  • Poor customer support; 
  • The device is a bit hot, so it may burn the neck of your dog;

3/ Grayline 457101, 6 Piece Cabinet organizer Set, White

The Naturepets No Bark Collar is ideal for all pet dog owners. You can use it if you train your new dog or want to get a relief from nighttime barking.

It comes with 7 sensitivity levels, which can be adjusted as per the needs of your dog. The Naturepets No Bark Collar does not create any harm to your dog.

It is also ideal for medium, large or small dogs that range between 15-120 pounds. In order to protect the health of your pet dog, the Naturepets No Bark Collar provides only harmless warning shocks, which progress through 7 sensitivity levels.

The Naturepets No Bark Collar can be used almost all breeds.

When your dog starts barking, the collar releases a warning stimulation, which helps to discourage unnecessary howling. It is very safe and harmless to your pet dog. You can train your dog very easily if you purchase this collar. It is also very fast and easy to use. It comes with a replaceable 6-volt battery.

Pros and Cons


  • Highly durable;
  • Light-weight;
  • Controls barking instantly;
  • Works perfectly;
  • Highly effective;
  • Good and effective vibration;
  • 7 sensitivity levels;
  • Safe and effective;
  • Fits more breeds;
  • Offers complete satisfaction;


  • No annoying cons;

Final Verdict:

Dog barking is a very common complaint. Around 35 percent dog owners report problems with barking. Purchasing the best citronella bark collar is the ideal solution for this problem. This is ideal for stopping dog barking, counter surfing, jumping, and many other problem behaviors.

However, you should purchase the best citronella bark collar for achieving great success. The citronella bark collars use a solution, which is made by using oils from a type of lemon grass.

It is also a highly effective mosquito repellent. Some anti-barking spray collars use lemon juice mist or water.

The best citronella bark collar works by punishing your pet dog when it barks. These types of collars stop unpleasant behaviors of your dogs in a humane way without delivering a shock or hurts. However, this negative technique may harm an anxious or fearful dog. The citronella bark collar may also cause depression in some dogs. Thus, it is always better to use some positive training methods along with best citronella bark collar.

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