10 Simple (But Important) Things To Remember About Are Pitbulls Safe

Many calls have been made both in the United States and around some parts of the world to ban pit bulls from existence and being used as pets and other activities. These calls come from the bitter experiences some people had with pit bulls.

​For example, many calls were made to ban pit bulls after a pit-bull bit a girl who later died from the injuries. This incident could be described as tragic. But do these calls have absolute grounds to disqualify pit bulls?

General overview about PIT BULLS

Pit bulls are considered fighting dogs sometimes from cross breeds. pit bulls are considered canines and have wide skulls and strong jaws. Most bites from pit bulls are deep and very deadly. Most people consider pit bulls as violent. Some breed of pit bulls include the American pit bull terrier, blue nosed pit bull and the Moo moo pit bull puppy.

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Pit bulls are like any other breed of dog. Depending on its environment and purpose, pit bulls can either be safe or dangerous.


For example, pit bulls used as catch dogs are very violent and aggressive. This is the result of the vigorous, well planned training that was given to make it fit for the task.

Pit bulls used as rescue dogs are not as violent as catch dog pit bulls. Pit bulls used as pets can be very helpful and industrious, helping carry petty items, protecting babies and as partners.


Pit bulls can either be safe or dangerous depending on;


​# Dogs which are tied up and confined to a space tend to become frustrated and aggressive which may lead to attacking people or strangers.

​# Socialization classes, where dogs are taken out to help them familiarize with people and other dogs helps train the dog to become friendly and not violent.


# Pit bulls which are designed to catch criminals and used as fight dogs tend to be trained to be violent and aggressive.

​# Pit bulls trained to serve as rescue dogs are not trained to be violent but trained to save people and look for missing items and people. They are not as aggressive as fight dogs.

In any situation, the violent or friendly nature of any dog depends on the training it has been given and the purpose for that training. All dogs may naturally be aggressive and violent but depending on what is needed for, the right taming specialties are administered.


​Owners who are interested in keeping pit bulls just as pets should consider the breed first-as that also plays a key role in determining whether the dog will be aggressive, violent or friendly. As much as possible, the pit bull breed of Bull dog and Terriers are essentially handy for security and man-hunt purposes because of their aggressive genes, strength and agility.

The moo moo pit bull puppy ideally should be considered as pets for those who may want to keep pit bulls as companions and friends in their homes.​

If the general out cry of the safety of keeping a pit bull in the midst of p0eople is anything to consider, then care must be taken when selecting the type of breed, the purpose of selecting that type and the training module it will be taken through.

It is clear from the arguments that pit bulls can either be safe or violent. But it all comes back to how you want them be.

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