The Andis 22360 hit in the market with a declaration that it is the super professional animal clipper for dog grooming. However, the device is equipped with plenty of features, which are highly appealing for even the less experienced users.

You can perfectly use this device even if you do not have proper experience in using these types of clippers. The Andis 22360 is a 2-speed model and it comes with a cooling spray, 14” power cord, and a detachable size 10 ultra edge blade.

Reviews of Andis 22360 Proclip:

The Andis 22360 allows you trim your dog with confidence. Some pet owners are very nervous when they clip the fur of their pets. But, if you use Andis 22360, you can do the job in a relaxed mood. It has a shatter-resistant case, which is designed for using many years. A 4x4 blade drive provides you extra torque. It offers safe and simple trimming because of an UltraEdge # 10.

The Andis 22360 dog clipper allows you to maintain the coat of your dog regularly. It is equipped with a detachable blade and two speeds, which work at 3400 and 4400 strokes/minute respectively.

The motor of this clipper runs smooth and cool. It works quiet, so you can groom even the most skittish-type pet. It has a removable drive cap, so you can clean it very easily. Thus, it does not require any additional maintenance.

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The Andis 22360 is good for all dog breeds and it can do a great job. Just like all other clippers, Andis 22360 is also going to get hot if you use it for an extended period of time. If you think that the grooming will last longer, you can use a cooling spray with your clippers.

The Andis 22360 clipper is extremely powerful. It has a rotary motor, which is the major characteristic of a professional style clipper. You can use CeramicEdge and UltraEdge blades in this clipper. Oster’s A5 blades also work excellently in it. Some blades are perfect for all types of dogs.

How To Buy Andis?

If you truly want a beautiful grooming tools for your dogs hair then undoubtedly Andis would be the best choice ever.

Any places, anywhere in the world when your dog need grooming just grab it make your dog attractive with this pretty pro grooming tools. This amazing clipper save your extra money and time whereas you might been occurred some extra hassel.

Key Points Of Andis 22360:

  • Professional Clipper;
  • You can use this for all breeds;
  • This blade are quite easy to use & super cleaning;
  • The detachable blades might use without the secure blade lock;

Pros and Cons


  • Very solid built;
  • Much quieter;
  • Works perfectly well on thick coats of dogs like dachshund-spaniel;
  • No clogging;
  • Does not run hot like other models;
  • Save money by reducing the number of salon visit;
  • Works pretty well on dogs with skin allergies;
  • Has not overheated on the skin of your dog;
  • Great brand, lightweight, good quality;
  • Motor is very quiet;
  • Detachable blade, so you can clip different dog breeds very easily;
  • Highly recommended by pet owners;
  • Fashionable color;
  • Stays cool while you clip;
  • Solid 2-speed motor;
  • Blades can resist rust;
  • It delivers highly effective professional cutting experience;


  • Voltage converter required for NZ and Australia; 
  • Can get a little warm, so it requires a cooling spray;
  • Little bit heavy and bulky;

Final Verdict & Recommendation:

The Andis 22360 AGC Super 2 is the ultimate set of a heavy duty professional animal grooming clipper. It outperforms its competitors with excellent speed and affordable price.

The Andis 22360 is an ideal choice for those who have pets such as dogs, horses, cats, etc with heavy coats. If you use a weaker clipper, it will take a long time to clip the coat. It has a nice color and the noise level is very low. You can also handle this model effectively.

It makes the life of a pet owner very easy. It comes with the best features of a professional model, which include quick and clean finish. When these features are combined with additional ones, it becomes a highly recommendable product.

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